Wind Wide Coin Bitcoins Investments

Invest in the fastest growing crypto currency trading company and Earn up to 10times return in our promo broadcast!

Why you should invest with us

NO REGISTRATION, Choose your investment plan, fill the investment form & deposit funds. All withdrawals are processed instantly and automatically on the day which is investment end date. You will receive your total profit instantly at your bitcoin wallet. Get passive income and enjoy your life!

We don’t require identity verification. Information about your activity on the website is private and can’t be accessed by third parties.

Our website resides on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and SSL certificates, so attacks are virtually impossible.

We apply organized and strategic effort to gather information about our target markets or stocks, which is very important for our investors.

What We Do!!

We offer (4) Four investment plans with different profits and investment time. Our system enables our customers to decide how much to invest by choosing the profits that they plan to receive. The amount of bitcoins or ethereum they earn will depend on the amount of bitcoins or ethereum that they invest.

Investment Plans


Total Return

Minimum Deposit

12 Hours

0.1 BTC

0.05 BTC

24 Hours


0.1 BTC

2 Days


0.5 BTC

4 Days


1.0 BTC

7 Days


2.0 BTC

Your Investments is Safe , Secured and Protected

Client Testimonials

Johnson Smith United Kingdom

I am so excited about Wind Wide Coin investment company. I am so glad I found it and wished I would have found it sooner. This is life changing for me. Thank You!!

Edwin Allli Chicago, United State Of America

I invested 4 BTC at Thursday and I received 8 BTC at Friday. It’s great to have extra money for weekend shopping – like they say- easy come, easy go. Thank you WindWIdeCoin

Davis Lucas Russia

I’ve been a member of for only 34 days. But my life has already changed! Not only have I made my first $82K, but I’ve also met some of the most incredible people in the process. Thanks, Charles!

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